California court ordered to reconsider Scott Peterson murder conviction

  • California court ordered to reconsider Scott Peterson murder conviction

California court ordered to reconsider Scott Peterson murder conviction

Lower than two months after overturning his loss of life penalty, the California Supreme Court docket has ordered a trial choose to contemplate whether or not to overturn Scott Peterson's convictions for murdering his spouse, Laci, and their unborn son, in line with a report. He also was convicted of second-degree murder of his unborn son, Connor. You remember all of this right?

"I think this is going to be ironic ... if it turns out that the juror who was most prominent in the post-trial proceedings and who is most adamant about Peterson's guilt, is going to turn out to be ... the very juror whose actions caused the reversal of the conviction and a new trial", he told NPR.

In fact, Peterson's lawyers said, in 2000 Nice was 4½ months pregnant when she was threatened by her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend.

However, this sentence has been overturned and the California Supreme Court has been ordered to re-examine the case when it was discovered that a juror, Richelle Nice, committed prejudicial misconduct because she did not disclose that she had been involved in prior legal proceedings.

Despite several years of being in prison, Scott has maintained his innocence. Scott Peterson told police he had left their Modesto home that morning to go fishing in Berkeley.

Laci Peterson disappeared on Christmas Eve 2002.

Prosecutors contended that Peterson dumped their bodies from his fishing boat into San Francisco Bay where their bodies washed ashore almost four months later in April 2003. They were found a few miles from where Peterson had said he was fishing. Laci's body washed ashore a mile away the following day with tape wrapped around her torso. "An autopsy of how Laci's body revealed there has been a" substantial cut" made into the fetus' body.

Investigators chased almost 10,000 tips and considered parolees and convicted sex offenders as possible suspects.

In a almost 300-page habeas corpus petition originally filed in 2015, Peterson's attorneys outlined 19 claims arguing for a new trial, the first being that one juror concealed a possible bias against the defendant. Even though her employer would not pay her for the duration of the months-long trial, she said she was willing to serve.

Peterson was finally arrested after Amber Frey, a therapeutic massage therapist dwelling in Fresno, advised police that that they had begun relationship a month earlier than his spouse's loss of life, however that he had advised her she was useless.