Calgary Zone now under watch status as coronavirus cases rise

  • Calgary Zone now under watch status as coronavirus cases rise

Calgary Zone now under watch status as coronavirus cases rise

The Edmonton Zone - which includes the City of Edmonton and surrounding area - continues to see a surge in COVID-19 numbers as the region is home to 1,497 of the province's 2,738 active cases.

Dr. Deena Hinshaw, Alberta's chief medical officer of health, made the announcement during her daily update.

Hinshaw also noted that Alberta now sits at a provincial positivity rate of 2.24% for all coronavirus tests that have been administered.

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For the second time this month, Alberta did not report deaths connected to COVID-19 Friday.

The Edmonton region has 54 per cent of all cases in the province.

The government of Newfoundland and Labrador said three workers linked to the site recently returned to the province.

Collectively, Alberta's active case count now sits at 2,836, just a few hundred shy of the highest total seen back at the first height of the pandemic.

Hinshaw confirmed the outbreak at Edmonton's Mazankowski Heart Institute and announced an outbreak at the Leduc Community Hospital where two patients tested positive for the coronavirus.

Of the 117 patients now in hospital due to COVID-19, 40 are in the Calgary Zone and 63 are in the Edmonton Zone.

"This is another reminder we all have a role to play in stopping the spread".

Central zone: 132 cases, up from 116 cases. Eight patients and two staff were diagnosed with COVID-19. Ninety-one of them are under outbreak, including 22 under the watch category.

"The more that we can avoid influenza-related tests, emergency visits and hospitalizations, the stronger our system will be to support those with COVID-19 and all other health needs".

Last winter, nearly 8,500 Albertans contracted the flu and ultimately 41 died, she said.