York Region rolled back to a modified Stage 2

  • York Region rolled back to a modified Stage 2

York Region rolled back to a modified Stage 2

York Region joins Toronto, Peel Region, and Ottawa for the next 28 days effective Monday morning.

"I'm encouraging people to order takeout, but we've got to be fair (to the restaurants)", he said.

People get exercise along the lakeshore path on Lake Ontario on a fall day during the COVID-19 pandemic in Toronto on Tuesday, September 29, 2020.

Ontario says it has hired 100 more people to help track and isolate new cases of the novel coronavirus and plans to hire 500 more by mid-November.

Ontario's associate chief medical officer of health, Dr. Barbara Yaffe, said the seven-day average is 2.2 per cent positivity, but she noted even that is increasing slightly.

The restrictions now in place in Toronto, Peel Region and Ottawa, known as "Stage 2 light", have shut indoor restaurants and gym facilities there. We need to protect our schools and our communities.

In York Region, the number of cases and hospitalizations are now trending upwards and further action is required to help stop the spread of the virus in this community.

Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliott says 239 of the new cases are in Toronto. Since October 3, York Region has seen the total number of patients requiring an ICU bed jump from 63 to 72, and the number of patients requiring a ventilator went from 19 to 25 across the region. "So, it's not necessarily what the numbers are from one day to the next but the trend that we are seeing and we are seeing an alarming upward trend".

The new restrictions were implemented in less than 24 hours in Toronto, Peel Region and Ottawa.

The FAO report make it clear that the province's books, as well as the household budgets of its residents, would be in far poorer shape without the pandemic financial supports provided by the Justin Trudeau government. "We can not let out guard down".

Scarpitti also said that the city will no longer be offering fitness activities at the Markham Pan Am Centre as a result of the new restrictions.

Ontario reporter another 712 cases of COVID-19 on Friday as the number of people in Ontario hospitals with confirmed cases of the illness continued its slow but steady climb.