US court agrees to expedite government TikTok app store ban appeal

  • US court agrees to expedite government TikTok app store ban appeal

US court agrees to expedite government TikTok app store ban appeal

TikTok Inc. asked a federal judge to block a broad set of government restrictions created to curb use of the Chinese-owned video-sharing app in the U.S., less than three weeks after the company succeeded in halting the Trump administration's ban on new downloads.

TikTok's bid to stave off a shutdown came as its parent company, ByteDance, tried to finalize a deal to spin off the app's American operations. The Trump administration moved to attraction the decide's September 27 ruling final week.

A federal judge in San Francisco blocked similar restrictions from taking effect that would bar the use of Tencent Holding's WeChat. "Competitors have already taken advantage of the government's highly-publicized intention to shut down the app to entice TikTok creators and users to switch platforms".

"There would be permanent, devastating harm to TikTok's user base and competitive position, even if the government ban were to be lifted after a period of weeks or months", TikTok said in the Wednesday filing.

The US government is concerned that TikTok could share the users' content and data with the Chinese Communist Party.

If those prohibitions go into effect on Nov 12, people who now have TikTok installed on their phones would still be able to use it, but the app's functionality would degrade over time.

The company said the USA government has produced "no evidence that the TikTok source code has ever been compromised, shared or used for nefarious purposes; no evidence that the Chinese government has ever obtained access to any TikTok user data, let alone that of U.S. users; and no evidence that TikTok's recommendation engine systematically biases Chinese (or any other) political interest".

Moreover, the government has not provided any evidence to support the claims that Beijing has ever obtained access to any US user data, TikTok lawyers said.

According to Reuters, the all briefs pertaining to the appeal are due by 12 November. The government is expected to file its arguments by 23rd October with oral arguments set for 4th November. ByteDance has also said any deal will need to be approved by China.

The US contends that TikTok is a national security threat because its ownership by Beijing-based ByteDance Ltd. gives the Chinese government access to the personal data of millions of Americans.

The proposal would arrange a brand new US-based firm known as TikTok World that may be partially owned by American traders together with software program agency Oracle and retail chain Walmart, who would have a mixed 20 % stake.