Supernatural: players talk about the last shooting day

  • Supernatural: players talk about the last shooting day

Supernatural: players talk about the last shooting day

Supernatural's final season is now airing Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW, with the series finale slated for November 19. Supernatural Alum Matt Cohen?

"So, as we move into the final run, that's really what this is about", he continued.

In the end, "I felt like if you could take, like, happiness and satisfaction and being proud and just wrapped it up in emotion, then that's the pill that we swallowed that day", Ackles describes. Later, that same friend, is seen walking down an alley in the city, where he trips over a teddy bear that speaks to him.

Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) are asked to investigate the murder of a childhood friend, calling them back to a motel from their past and perplexing the brothers with a case they thought was solved a long time ago. Dean shows Sam a news article about power going out in Atlantic City; nothing wrong with the grid, no storms, which they believe might be due to Amara.

Dean and Sam discuss the latest possible cases. Or as Dean says, "you guys go "Highway to Heaven" that bitch". In a pretty good display of character development, Castiel plays his fake role as an Federal Bureau of Investigation agent perfectly, while Jack does the upside-down badge thing Cas had done so long ago. Jack thinks this is demonic. Amara says she wanted him to see Mary as a real, complicated person, not the idealized version he built in his head, and for him to let go of the myth of a better life his mother lived in. Jack tries to search the boy online, as a demon appears. They ask the demon if any demons killed the boy in the alley, and he says no, and that he doesn't know who did it. Jack shares how his mom also his dad. Next, a woman is shown in the Community Center stealing money from the donations box, and she too is attacked by someone in a mask. Cas walks in next, as he heads over to talk to the Pastor. Cas tells the Pastor about Valerie Jones, the woman who was taken from the parking lot of the Community Center. A TV illuminates in front of her, spelling "thief" over and over again. "Trust in God, not in people", advises Sylvia Jack. Cas talks to the Pastor, asking about anyone else who has gone missing, trying to figure out any suspects. During a Pierogi lunch at a nearby diner, Dean explains that they need their help to catch Chuck, but Amara refuses to betray her brother, who is nearly ready to destroy the other universes. What are they going to do to get rid of Amara? Zack arrives. They ask about their case.

Valerie continues to be tortured while Amara invites Sam and Dean to lunch. They talk about Amara and Chuck and Jack's own family issues.

Jack sets out to join the faith group ("Hello, where can I find the Kool-Aid?") And connects with the pastor's daughter about her father problems.

Cas and Jack arrive home. Cas shares that he knows what blind faith is, following orders without question, and how he never looked beyond the plan.

Sam and Dean tell Amara all about how they want to trap Chuck. When that balance was upset and they broke up, "all of this" was created, she explains. They are in his apartment, where they open the door to his bedroom where his body lays, mutilated, with the word "Lust" above them.

The episode establishes some of the cosmic lore of the universe, along with giving me more reason to dislike aspects of Sam and Dean as I've done since about midway through season 14. Dean asks Amara, "Why?" and asks why he brought "her" back (Mary). Well who lives in a dream world now? And although Chuck later threw her in the cage, she believes it hurt him deeply, and doing this to him would be torture. As she reveals, she hates her father's inclusivity of other faiths into the church and is killing those whom she doesn't think qualify to her view of religion. She is dirty. They want to ask her to leave but the pastor tells them to have compassion. In fact, Nicole Muñoz, the actress who plays the pastor's daughter, Sylvia, also appeared in a season two episode. In spite of everything, the pastor vows to find help for his daughter.