Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccine gets nod for clinical trials in India

  • Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccine gets nod for clinical trials in India

Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccine gets nod for clinical trials in India

Experts are cautiously optimistic that we may, perhaps, get a vaccine by March next year, if everything goes as planned.

Russian Federation became the first country to give regulatory approval to a Covid-19 vaccine in August when Sputnik V was officially registered ahead of large-scale clinical trial. "In a nutshell, safety, efficacy and distribution without discrimination of COVID-19 vaccines are as important as its accessibility".

Russia, the first country to grant regulatory approval for a novel coronavirus vaccine, is also conducting Phase III trials of Sputnik V in Belarus, Venezuela and the United Arab Emirates. Proven success factors of H1N1 and Ebola have turned out as guiding principles in COVID-19 vaccine development. But it is going to be the first time that the government has publicly made a vaccine like this available for the citizens. "We are committed to bringing in a safe and efficacious vaccine to combat the pandemic", Dr. Reddy's Co-chairman and Managing Director G V Prasad said in a statement issued by the company and RDIF. Then people with co-morbidities over 60 years and then the rest of the population, according to the availability of vaccinations.

Featured image: A sign of Sinopharm is seen at the 2020 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS), following the COVID-19 outbreak, in Beijing, China September 5, 2020.

Chinese authorities have to date not released pricing details for potential Covid-19 vaccines.

"The prime minister further directed that we should make use of experience of successful conduct of elections and disaster management in the country". However, the biggest challenge lies in its accessibility.

We now need to increase production of the first vaccine and the second vaccine, Putin said. In comments to the media, scientists developing the vaccine said that it produced enough antibodies to protect the person who had it from the virus and that the immunity it creates could last for up to six months.

Elaborating on the status of the vaccine development during HEAL-Thy Samvaad, Mr Samir Deb, pharmaceutical professional, consultant vaccine & public affairs consultant, South East Asia, said, "Vaccine development is a burning issue across the world now".

Modi told the meeting that the entire process of vaccine storage, delivery and administration should have a strong IT backbone and the system should be designed in such a manner so as to have a lasting value to our healthcare system. "Ensuring accessibility for 80 per cent of the population is a huge task indeed".