Sen. Sasse Slams Trump In Constituent Call: He's 'Flirted With White Supremacists'

  • Sen. Sasse Slams Trump In Constituent Call: He's 'Flirted With White Supremacists'

Sen. Sasse Slams Trump In Constituent Call: He's 'Flirted With White Supremacists'

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) claims US President Donald Trump is "deficient" in certain American values and, as a result, engages in a number of unconventional practices while occupying the White House, including treating the presidency "like a business opportunity" while kissing "dictators' butts".

"It has always been imprudent for our party to tie itself to a Trumpian brand, and that's what I've been anxious about for five years", says Sasse.

"Senator Sasse is entitled to his own opinion", U.S. Rep. Adrian Smith, another Nebraska Republican, said in a statement.

Congressman Eric Swalwell was among the Democrats quick to point out on social media that Sasse's voting record is largely in line with Trump's priorities.

Rarely has a split screen better encapsulated the trade-offs congressional Republicans have accepted over four years of Trump's presidency than a Republican senator exulting over his conservative Supreme Court nominee in one moment and lamenting his norm-shattering behavior - and his party's willingness to quietly tolerate it - in the next. I mean, the way he ignores the Uighurs, our literal concentration camps in Xinjiang.

In an emailed response, the executive director for the Nebraska GOP, Ryan Hamilton, says he disagrees with Sasse, and they still endorse Trump and Senator Sasse. "He hasn't lifted a finger on behalf of the Hongkongers".

"Like a lot of Nebraskans, I am trying to understand your relationship with the president", a woman said during the phone town hall.

Sasse's nine-minute diatribe against Trump was first reported by the Washington Examiner, which obtained an audio recording of the town hall.

"It's going to be what the heck we're any of us thinking about selling a tv obsessed, narcissistic individual to the American people was a good idea".

"The United States now regularly sells out our allies under his leadership".

Trump "mocks evangelicals behind closed doors", he added.

She continued, "I'm kind of disgusted that he feels this way yet voted not to impeach, voted not to indict, and is now, you know, telling constituents, I guess, what he really thinks, yet is now also saying, but we've got to hold the Senate". His family has treated the presidency like a business opportunity.

And he warned Trump could be driving young people and women permanently to the Democratic Party.