Rudy Giuliani's daughter supports Joe Biden

  • Rudy Giuliani's daughter supports Joe Biden

Rudy Giuliani's daughter supports Joe Biden

"Yesterday, the New York Post published an article entitled, 'Smoking-gun email reveals how Hunter Biden introduced Ukrainian businessman to VP dad.' The article documents how a recently uncovered laptop and hard drive allegedly revealed e-mails to and from Hunter Biden that strongly indicated that former Vice President Joe Biden was, in fact, aware of his son's overseas dealings", the letter read.

"If the daughter of a polarizing mayor who has become the president's personal bulldog has taught me anything, then corruption begins with "yes men" and women, the cronies who create an echo chamber of lies and submissiveness to keep them close Power". But the chasm was painful nonetheless, and has gotten exponentially more so in Trump's era of chest-thumping partisan tribalism.

As her father's last-minute attempt to tip the election may have fallen flat, Caroline Giuliani said her article was an October surprise of her own.

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani speaks throughout a information convention held by U.S. President Donald Trump within the Briefing Room of the White Home on September 27, 2020 in Washington, DC.

"The one option to finish this nightmare is to vote".

'Around the age of 12, I would occasionally get into debates with my father, probably before I was emotionally equipped to handle such carnage, ' she confesses in the piece.

"Trump is the one lying about Hunter Biden", Giuliani tweeted last month, directly replying to a tweet from her father about what he dubbed the "Biden Crime Family", adding: "And I, for one, do not support spreading false gossip about a politician's child".

"I felt the importance of speaking my mind, and I'm glad we at least were able to communicate at all".

In the weeks leading up to the release of her essay, Giuliani stepped up her social media presence, at times targeting her father's own work on behalf of Trump.

The Post reported that the former officials said Giuliani was not the subject of US intelligence while he was in Ukraine but that some of his communications were captured because he was interacting with "suspected Russian assets" who were being surveilled.

'We are hanging by a single, slipping finger on a cliff's edge, and the fall will be fatal. She referred to Biden's choice of Senator Kamala Harris as his operating mate and the incorporation of Senator Bernie Sanders and Senator Elizabeth Warren's platforms into his marketing campaign.

"It is taken persistence and nerve to search out my voice in politics, and I am utilizing it now to ask you to face with me within the battle to finish Donald Trump's reign of terror", she added. If we remove ourselves from the fight, our country will be in freefall, ' Caroline wrote.