Querrey accused of quarantine breach after positive COVID-19 test in Russia

  • Querrey accused of quarantine breach after positive COVID-19 test in Russia

Querrey accused of quarantine breach after positive COVID-19 test in Russia

In a lengthy Twitter thread, New York Occasions tennis reporter Ben Rothenberg detailed the sequence of occasions that noticed Querrey flee Russian Federation on a non-public jet together with his household after contracting coronavirus.

Rothenberg reports that Querrey and his family, wife Abby and eight-month-old son Ford, were told to quarantine in their hotel for 14 days. When Italy's Fabio Fognini was also reported to have tested positive on Wednesday at the Sardinia Open, he became the tenth male player within the world's top 100 to have tested positive for Covid-19, although no top-100 women have yet done so. If the family displayed symptoms - they were reportedly experiencing what they believed to be mild symptoms - they would face a forced hospitalization.

"The ATP is aware of an incident regarding a player's serious breach of protocol relating to COVID-19 at this week's St. Petersburg Open", the ATP wrote to players.

In the official statement, "According to the ATP regulations and the sanitary protocol of the tournament, all players must get tested for COVID-19, and only if the test result is negative can they come to the stadium, get accredited, begin preparing for the tournament and participate in it". The tournament had arranged for a visit to be made by a doctor and a pediatrician from the private clinic Sogaz, who made two attempts to examine Querrey, to no avail, as the sportsman never opened the door of his room - neither on October 12, Justine his refusal by the fact that his child was sleeping, nor on October 13, despite prior agreement.

A statement on spbopen.ru said: "Currently, the press is actively discussing the act of a participant in the main draw of the tournament - American tennis player Sam Querrey".

"A retest for Sam Querrey has been scheduled for Thursday October 15th".

The couple's fear of forced hospitalization and of potentially being separated from their infant son led to Querrey hiring a private jet to leave Russian Federation, in violation of Covid-19 protocols.

Rothenberg reported the Querreys are staying at an Air BnB within the unknown nation, and so they don't intend to disclose their whereabouts.

Russian officials then recommended to the tournament organizers that Querrey and his family should be moved from their hotel to "private apartments for self-isolation" but on October 13 Querrey was captured on hotel security footage leaving with his family at around 5:45 a.m.

The ATP stated Querrey's actions might "jeopardize an occasion's capability to function and have repercussions on the remainder of the tour", and the world No. 49 is going through disciplinary motion. If the violation is serious enough, it may fall under the Serious Game Integrity Violation section.

Violating the latter may end up in a participant being considerably fined and even banned for 3 years.

Carayol tweeted: "The last six months of tennis during this pandemic are undefeated". We hope that we have succeeded by giving you the full details and information.