Lovato expresses her view on Trump in new single

  • Lovato expresses her view on Trump in new single

Lovato expresses her view on Trump in new single

In the music video, Lovato had a diverse group of people who lip synced or used sign language to perform lyrics.

Lovato teamed up with Finneas O'Connell (aka Billie Eilish's brother) to record the politically-3charged song. "But I'm sure if you asked her, she'd tell you it was her responsibility". "Know that you're not alone, that a lot of people are going through exactly what you're going through as well". "/ We are in a state of emergency, people are perishing, as you line your pockets deep / Commander in Chief, how can it feel to be able to breathe?"

Lovato announced the music video for the single yesterday (15 October) and followed the news with a tweet that encouraged fans to register to vote. During the performance, Demi had the word VOTE splashed behind her. See?

However, during the broadcast, the camera cut a close-up of the singer when the music stopped, not in the background of a political theme.

While Lovato's performance was the grandest political statement of the 2020 BBMAs, according to TMZ, the "VOTE" block-lettering that was displayed on the Dolby stage behind Lovato did not make it to the air on NBC - because, since "Commander in Chief" was a protest against President Trump, the "VOTE" message was obviously a call to vote against him.

Nonetheless, the popular song received worldwide acclaim, and many fans thanked her for using her voice.

It probably wasn't the note that Lovato wanted the performance to end on, given that she has been vocal about her feelings towards the current USA administration as well as the importance of voting in the upcoming presidential election. "I literally don't care if this ruins my career". ".My career isn't about that". I've created a piece that symbolizes something I believe in. I'm going to take integrity.

She went on to explain that as a "rare Hispanic woman", she "will not be silent".

Demi Lovato has done it again, and this time, it is in the kind of a political anthem. "We were taught when we were young / If we fight for what's right, there won't be justice for just some / Won't give up, stand our ground / We'll be in the streets while you're bunkering down", Lovato sings.