Halloween 2020: Costumes for adults and kids

  • Halloween 2020: Costumes for adults and kids

Halloween 2020: Costumes for adults and kids

Dr. Jennifer Russell, New Brunswick's chief medical officer, told reporters at her daily news conference today that no door-to-door trick-or-treating will be permitted in regions of the province now in the orange phase of recovery.

But the county officially recommends against screaming at mazes or haunted houses - also considered high-risk activities - because of the risk of spread. Halloween activities are also subject to current Arlington gathering size limits - 25 people indoors and 50 people outdoors - as well as any applicable sector-specific workplace safety standards.

The real-world horror of a lethal pandemic has even the most famous Halloween tradition of all, door-to-door trick-or-treating, being reconsidered.

Though they will make this October 31 a holiday like no other - and it will definitely be a lot quieter than Halloweens in years past. Anyone handing out candy is asked to wear a face covering. But with COVID-19 still a concern, families all over the United States are wondering if it's safe to go trick-or-treating this year.

Attending crowded costume parties held indoors.

All gatherings, regardless of the space they're in, must be created to ensure that people from differing households maintain social distancing measures of 6-feet.

"We have to celebrate it with the other people who live in the same household as us".

Using alcohol and drugs, which can cloud judgment and increase risky behaviors.

According to the most recent data from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Lowell is one of 63 communities that are considered high-risk for Covid-19 transmission.

Treats should be individually wrapped and bagged for grab-and-go distribution. People must remain in their vehicles at all times. The costume mask will not be enough protection from COVID-19.

Wear Halloween-themed cloth masks made of two or more layers of breathable fabrics.

Do not wear a costume mask over a protective cloth mask because it can be unsafe if the costume mask makes it hard to breathe.

If screaming will likely occur, greater distancing is advised.

Consider a neighborhood costume parade - "it's an easy way to keep safe space between children", they stated.

Go all out with the Halloween decorations.

"You may have to bite the bullet and sacrifice that social gathering, unless you're pretty certain that the people that you're dealing with are not infected", he said.

Having a scavenger hunt-style trick-or-treat search with your household members in or around your home rather than going house to house.