Governor Cuomo Phones In NYS COVID Progress For October 15, 2020

  • Governor Cuomo Phones In NYS COVID Progress For October 15, 2020

Governor Cuomo Phones In NYS COVID Progress For October 15, 2020

Governor Andrew Cuomo this week updated New Yorkers on the State's progress during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, noting that NY's positivity rate without the Red Zone cluster focus areas included was 1.05 percent, as of Sunday; and the Empire State's overall positivity rate is 1.12 percent. For instance, on October 13, the rate in the clusters was 6.29 percent.

Catholics and Jews asked USA courts yesterday to overturn New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's order limiting worship to no more than 10 congregants in communities hard hit by the coronavirus, calling the measure a threat to religious freedom. Cuomo said " We're dealing with the fall, the next step is "going to be dealing with a vaccine".

Trump has also frequently said that with less testing, there would be fewer coronavirus cases reported.

Jewish leaders say case numbers are high because more people in these neighborhoods are getting tested, while blasting Gov. Cuomo for breaking his declaration to only close schools when the regional average hit 9%, not a neighborhood.

Azzopardi said it makes sense to provide "context" and report the hot spot infection rates separately.

Hospitalizations have also been on the rise in the state.

As of Wednesday, October 14th, Broome County has reported a total of 3,366 tests with 96 new positives, Chenango County reported a total of 267 tests with 1 new case, Delaware County reported 143 tests with 2 new positive cases, and Tioga County has reported a total of 442 tests with 19 new positive cases. Of the 146 new patients admitted, almost half were from the 20 hot spots. Numerous state's 700-plus districts are conducting at least part time in-person learning. Tedisco spoke this week at a rally protesting the state's strict visitation rules at nursing homes. He said it's time to think ahead.

The governor agrees that the crisis is far from over. He said he expects "microcluster" outbreaks of the virus to flare up for at least another year, even after there is a vaccine.