COVID-19: This one blood group is less vulnerable to coronavirus

  • COVID-19: This one blood group is less vulnerable to coronavirus

COVID-19: This one blood group is less vulnerable to coronavirus

This is according to two recently published studies.

The findings are based on patient data from Denmark and Vancouver, Canada.

Among the Covid-19 positive, they found fewer people with blood type O and more people with A, B, and AB types.

Scientists have been investigating a potential link between blood type and vulnerability to Covid-19 for many months, and this latest evidence supports previous findings.

They also controlled for ethnicity, as blood group distributions differ among ethnic groups, and maintained that fewer people with blood type O tested positive for Covid-19.

In the first study, scientists in Denmark analyzed data from 473,654 people tested for the virus between February and July, CNN reported. For those who were inflicted by the virus, type A was 38 per cent, type B was 26 per cent, type AB was 10 per cent, and type O was 25 per cent.

"It is very important to consider the proper control group because blood type prevalence may vary considerably in different ethnic groups and different countries", says study author Torben Barington, MD, of Odense University Hospital in a press release.

The first of the two studies saw scientists look at health registry data from more than 473,000 people in Denmark who tested for Covid-19 and compared it to a control group of more than 2.2 million people from the general population, accounting for nearly 40 percent of the total Danish population.

Types A and AB also needed a sort of dialysis that helps the kidneys filter blood without putting too much pressure on the heart more often than their counterparts.

People with certain blood types may have a reduced risk of contracting coronavirus and even with the infection, be less susceptible to experiencing severe symptoms, new studies have shown.

A study published in July looking at patients in five major hospitals in the state of MA found that people with blood type O were less likely to test positive for COVID-19 than those with other blood types.

A separate retrospective study showed that blood groups A and AB "appear to exhibit greater COVID-19 disease severity than people with blood groups O or B".

People with type A blood, however, accounted for 44.4% of the infected patients, the study found, despite making up 42.4% of the untested group. They can only receive transfusions from O positive or O negative blood types. The interesting observation made in this study was that the patients with the blood group A and AB required more of the mechanical ventilation, as compared to the blood group O. Similar was the case with patients being admitted in the ICU.