Voters to cast ballots in NZ general election

  • Voters to cast ballots in NZ general election

Voters to cast ballots in NZ general election

Ardern's appeal was dismissed as "stardust" by a rival in 2017, but in 2020 she can point to her government's achievements in eliminating the coronavirus, as well as her reputation for strong communication skills and empathy.

She had been in office barely 18 months when a white supremacist gunman opened fire in two Christchurch mosques during Friday prayers, killing 51 and injuring another 40 on March 15 previous year.

Ardern has managed to hold together a diverse coalition and connect with people across the political spectrum.

She made headlines again a year later when she became only the second prime minister in the world to give birth while in office - after Pakistan's Benazir Bhutto in 1990.

Both she and Jacinda Ardern spent their final in Auckland campaigning, following a live debate on Thursday night.

On individual performance, 74 percent approved of Ardern's performance as Prime Minister, while 45 percent approved of Judith Collins' performance as leader of the National Party.

Yesterday's 1 News Colmar Brunton poll has Ardern's Labor Party at 46 percent, with National, the main opposition party, at 31 percent.

Ardern takes selfies with supporters during a campaign outing in Auckland on October 10. Last election, the centrist New Zealand First party leader Winston Peters chose to make a deal with Labour, with the Greens in a support agreement, despite National having won the most seats.

"New Zealand First voters might be the sort of people who don't necessarily tell pollsters how they are going to vote, so I wouldn't say this is exactly how it's exactly going to play out on election night". Ardern has leapt on the chance to focus on what she has dubbed the "COVID election". The initial outbreak was eliminated in the country by late May, thanks to some of the world's strictest lockdown measures. Ardern swiftly imposed a second lockdown in Auckland and the new outbreak faded away.

The pandemic and its economic fallout have blocked out numerous more typical campaign issues. A Horizon Research poll showed health, the COVID-19 economic recovery and management of the pandemic were the top three issues in voters' minds.

Ardern's personal popularity as preferred prime minister was up five points to 55 per cent, while National leader Judith Collins fell three points to 20 per cent.

Former Prime Minister Helen Clark said: "It is hard to see an election outcome which does not return Jacinda Ardern as Prime Minister".

While the Green Party are down to 6.3 per cent, down 0.2 per cent. The country of 5 million has recorded fewer than 2000 cases, with 25 deaths. Most of these were lifted in the third quarter, when the domestic economy is expected to have bounced back strongly by between 8.5% and 13.5% on the quarter, according to major bank economists. But the border remains closed to nearly all overseas arrivals and the largest foreign exchange earner, tourism, continues to suffer.

A Christchurch ice cream parlor offers a selection of flavors named after political party leaders on October 14, ahead of the election.

The Labour leader repeatedly said the wealth tax would be a non-starter, claiming to have ruled it out "around 50 times".

"The business community is likely to see the election as a continuation of current policies", said Olsen.

Ardern has been fighting off criticism her government has failed on a promise to be transformational, despite a glowing global profile and popularity at home for her empathetic leadership during crises including the Christchurch mosque shootings and the White Island volcano explosion.