State College Mom Appears On ABC's Joe Biden Town Hall

  • State College Mom Appears On ABC's Joe Biden Town Hall

State College Mom Appears On ABC's Joe Biden Town Hall

Trump is participating in a town hall event on NBC News opposite a similar event with Joe Biden on ABC after he refused to participate in a virtual debate following his illness.

"You may recall I'm the guy who said, uh, I was raised by a man who - I remember I was being dropped off, my dad was a high school-educated, well-read man who was a really decent guy, and I was being dropped off to get an application in the center of our city, Bloomington, Delaware, the corporate capital of the world at the time", Biden said during the event.

ReutersThe former Vice President was also leading Trump among independents, at 40 per cent versus 32 per cent.

If you haven't registered to vote yet, there's still time before the November 3 election in some states. "That was an opinion of someone, and that was a retweet", Trump said.

Trump repeatedly refused to denounce the unfounded conspiracy theory. You're the president. You're not like someone's insane uncle who can retweet whatever.

That exchange led Mary Trump, the president's niece who wrote a best-selling book this summer criticizing him, to tweet, "Actually".

Guthrie's performance sharply divided social media users between those who thought she was effective in confronting Trump and those who found her too combative.

During the town hall event, the mother of a transgender child asked Biden how he would protect the LGBTQ community if he were elected president.

"Let me ask you about QAnon: It is this theory that Democrats are a satanic pedophile ring and that you are the savior of that", NBC News' host Savannah Guthrie said to Trump. The Biden session on ABC with George Stephanopoulos of "Good Morning America" was a more sedate affair.

Savannah Guthrie was completely baffled when Donald Trump insisted retweeting a conspiracy theory was fine, telling the president at the NBC Town Hall that he can't act like a 'crazy uncle'. He has also made some preemptive strikes criticizing NBC News' Kristen Welker, who is scheduled to moderate the second and last debate between Biden and Trump next week.

Trump: That was a retweet.