Russia Approves 2nd Coronavirus Vaccine - Putin

  • Russia Approves 2nd Coronavirus Vaccine - Putin

Russia Approves 2nd Coronavirus Vaccine - Putin

A booth displaying a coronavirus vaccine candidate from China National Biotec Group (CNBG), is seen at the 2020 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS), following the Covid-19 outbreak, in Beijing, China September 4, 2020.

Sir Patrick Vallance, the Government's chief scientific advisor, told a television briefing last month that a vaccine could be available by the end of the year but it was much more likely to be available "in the first half of next year".

Authorities did not say how many people in the city had been given the vaccine, which comes in two doses, administered up to 28 days apart and costing a total of 400 yuan (about 50 euros).

'An enormous amount of planning and preparation has already taken place including ensuring we have adequate provision, transport, PPE and logistical expertise.

Large-scale studies, such as those required for vaccines developed in the USA, are created to assess not only if a vaccine works, but whether it is free from risky side effects that might only show up once millions of people are immunized.

Vector's vaccine is the second one registered in Russian Federation after the Gamaleya Institute's coronavirus treatment. Officials also said that vaccination of risk groups, such as doctors and teachers, will be carried out in parallel to the studies. Vektor plans to produce the first 60,000 doses of EpiVacCorona "in the nearest future", she added. The vaccine, called "Sputnik V" in homage to the world's first satellite launched by the Soviet Union, is not yet in general circulation.

"We are continuing to cooperate with our foreign partners and will promote our vaccine overseas".

Kirill Dmitriev, head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund that bankrolled the effort, said last month that Mexico, India and Brazil have ordered 200 million doses. The president added that the priority was to supply the Russian market with the vaccines. He described the offer as a response to popular demand: "Some colleagues from the United Nations have asked about this, and we will not remain indifferent to them".

Since the start of the pandemic, Russian Federation has recorded 1,340,409 infections, the fourth largest number of cases in the world behind the United States, India and Brazil. They registered a record number of 14,231 new cases on Wednesday.