Nanoleaf Launches New HomeKit-Enabled Shapes Triangle and Mini Triangle Lighting Panels

  • Nanoleaf Launches New HomeKit-Enabled Shapes Triangle and Mini Triangle Lighting Panels

Nanoleaf Launches New HomeKit-Enabled Shapes Triangle and Mini Triangle Lighting Panels

(Pocket-lint) - Nanoleaf is continuing its trend of ever-expanding smart lighting with the addition of some new shapes to light up your home. "Smart lighting is about pushing the boundaries of possibility and that is exactly what we wanted to offer with our Shapes Line", says Gimmy Chu, CEO and Co-Founder of Nanoleaf.

Another thing to note is that the triangle's lighting corners are rounded, which can be a good or bad thing depending on your preference in style. With the launch of the Triangles and Mini Triangles, it is possible to connect different panel shapes together for the first time since Nanoleaf began producing light panels. The controller is the most reliable since it's connected straight into the lighting panels and allows you to control the power, brightness level, shuffling of the lighting scenes, and shuffling of the music visualizer. "Nanoleaf's vision for the Shapes Line is to give users complete design freedom to create their most personal lighting experience yet". We had the chance to test out the new Shapes Triangles lighting panels, and it has given our room a lot of life.

The mini triangles can be used alone and are sold in a standalone set.

Along with Triangles and Mini Triangles debuting today, Nanoleaf also announced that its Essentials line that will include the company's first smart bulbs and lightstrips will be unveiled in November. That means you've got voice control, the physical controller, Apple's Home app, as well as the Nanoleaf app (new version today) and the Nanoleaf Remote to control these modular lights.

The panels are touch-sensitive too, and support Nanoleaf's Screen Mirror mode, which sees them change colour to match whatever game or movie you have on - though this relies on software run through a PC, so it's a bit fiddly to get set up with a regular TV. With the hexagons, Nanoleaf introduced a new snap-on mounting system for easier installation and redesign that is also used by the triangles and mini-triangles. To go along with the release, Nanoleaf is giving its own Smart Series app an upgrade, that simplifies controls and introduces a new dashboard that provides quicker access to panels within the home. In the future, Nanoleaf plans to introduce an "Essentials" line that is equipped with smart light bulbs and light strips.

If you've already got a Shapes Starter Pack, you shouldn't need to connect another power supply to the same set of lights, so if you're already rocking the Hexagon Shapes and want to add to it, the Expansion Packs will be your goto. The full-sized Shapes Triangles come in a seven-pack starter kit, which retails for $199.99, and expansion packs are also available for both sizes.

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