Google Play Music Store Shuts Down Worldwide

  • Google Play Music Store Shuts Down Worldwide

Google Play Music Store Shuts Down Worldwide

You can now access music you've uploaded to your YouTube Music library from your computer directly on your TV.

Now music lovers have three options; firstly, if you want to continue listening to your Play Music playlist, find the latest music with personalized suggestions.

In a surprising turn of events, Google announced that it's bringing the YouTube Music app to the Apple Watch before Wear OS.

The new Apple Watch app support complications, so you'll now be able to add YouTube Music to your watch faces. Google has formally shut down the Play Music Store, a spot for its customers to purchase on-line music. YouTube says you can now access your saved playlists and liked songs in the YouTube Music tab within your YouTube app on your TV. They can also discover new music with personalized recommendations on the app as well as upload up to 100k tracks to YouTube Music at The Apple Watch Youtube Music app is now available from the App Store. This comes alongside a YouTube Music row which displays on the Android TV home screen. In addition, users can delete their entire data in Google Play Music. Google is focusing on having one music streaming app and has been rolling out features and improvements to YouTube Music to make it as user-friendly as possible. Through Google Takeout users can download their previously purchased music, music wishlists and reviews, and a list of the tracks, playlists, and radio stations in their library.

For the time being, the transition from Google Play Music to YouTube Music is still under way, so hopefully, Google would manage to resolve other shortcomings in its subscription-based service before it pulls the plug on its old media platform.