Big Brother 2020 spoilers: Who just got evicted from BB22 cast?

  • Big Brother 2020 spoilers: Who just got evicted from BB22 cast?

Big Brother 2020 spoilers: Who just got evicted from BB22 cast?

Memphis's fate with the game is dependent upon this two men, and Cody can be in the final 3 if he saves Memphis this week.

The head of household this week was Nicole and she made a decision to put Christmas and Memphis on the block, with the hope that she'll get to send Memphis to the jury house. ("Yes, it does!" Cody counters.) Memphis reveals to Cody that Christmas tried to get him backdoored... but Cody also secretly knows that Memphis tried to get in on Operation Backdoor Cody, as well, so none of this intel makes much of a difference to him. Christmas thinks Nicole kept the nominations the same so that Memphis would go home.

Big Brother 2020 spoilers coming from the Thursday night episode are highlighted by the newly evicted houseguest. Players are eliminated when they can't make any more moves, until one person is left standing.

In the jury house, everyone is excited to see who is going to be next. Tyler brings a video for them to watch, it is the one where Cody won HoH, and Tyler was voted out. Tyler says he told Enzo that he can't let Cody get to the end with him because he will win. He tells the jury members that Cody has an alliance with everyone. But then the jurors get sweet video messages from their loved ones back home, and now we're all sobbing. Dani finds a note, it includes a DVD.

The power of veto was won by Nicole and she chose to keep her nominations the same, leaving Enzo and Cody to make the only votes for eviction.

It's now up to Enzo and Cody to decide who to vote out.

In his interview with Julie Chen Moonves, Memphis admits he was "definitely" blindsided by his eviction, though he seems to understand that he was perceived as a big threat in competitions. Enzo may play it safe and say Christmas is his target, hoping either Nicole or Cody will pull him for Final 2 when the time comes next week.

The houseguests are called to the living room, Julie congratulates them on making to the finals four. The battle for HoH will begin shortly, but a former houseguest has some news about the competition. The victor of this HoH will also compete in next week's final HoH.

We believe that Nicole has contributed enough that makes high chances that she could win the competition.