After Sputnik V, Russian Federation grants approval to 2nd COVID-19 vaccine EpiVacCorona

The Kremlin has pinned great hopes on the Sputnik V vaccine, which President Vladimir Putin promotes as the first registered inoculation in the world, to help establish Russian Federation as a leader in the race to subdue the global coronavirus pandemic.

Chinese vaccine developer Sinovac said that countries running its final-stage clinical trials like Brazil, Indonesia and Turkey will get its coronavirus shots at the same time as China, underscoring how vaccine supply agreements could cement diplomatic ties in the Covid-19 era.

The registered vaccine, EpiVacCorona, was developed at a research centre in the Siberian city Novosibirsk, said Putin.

"We need to increase production of the first and second vaccine".

"As it has not officially been registered for the market, this type of vaccine is only approved for urgent use", the notice added.

China has said that while reasonable profits for companies are permitted, Covid-19 vaccines should be priced close to cost.

With a second formula registered and another around the corner, Russian Federation will soon have a wide range of options.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the head of the World Health Organization, said last month that the United Nations health agency will not recommend any COVID-19 vaccine before it is proved safe and effective.

Scientists have yet to publish the results of the study.

A Department for Health and Social Care spokesperson said: 'The Government will do everything needed to roll out a successful vaccine quickly and safely.

TASS news agency reported that the human trial of the new vaccine candidate, EpiVacCorona will begin in November or December and it will involve around 30,000 participants.

Mr Manturov stood by Sputnik V, which has been questioned by worldwide medical professionals who claim it needs more testing to prove it's safe and provides immunity against the virus.