UK's three-tier coronavirus alert system kicks in to tackle rising infections

  • UK's three-tier coronavirus alert system kicks in to tackle rising infections

UK's three-tier coronavirus alert system kicks in to tackle rising infections

Coffey said the three-tier system of lockdowns announced on Monday should be given a chance to work.

One billion pounds in financial support was allocated to the areas classified as "very high" risk level to help boost virus detection tests and implement new precautionary measures, he added.

When do new covid rules start?

He proposed a temporary set of restrictions, created to get the infection rate down, with every pub, bar and restaurant in England closed for two-to-three weeks.

What areas in the United Kingdom are in tier three?

In Liverpool, Johnson said that "gyms and leisure centres, betting shops, adult gaming centres and casinos" will close, though at this stage, venues like the Unity Theatre are set to operate as they would have done under existing Covid guidance.

The Liverpool City region will be the only part of the country to face Tier 3 restrictions from Wednesday. People will be advised not to travel in or out of these regions. There may certainly be the possibility of venues closing in the future.

Any parts of England not under Tier 2 or Tier 3 restrictions will be included under Tier 1 restrictions, meaning the rule of six and curfews for hospitality businesses will remain in place.

MPs will have to vote on the new system today, with policies set to be put in place from Wednesday.

The Government website will soon include a postcode checker, which can be used to find out what tier your local area is in.

The Government has not yet given a date for when lockdown restrictions will end in the UK.

Professor Powis, NHSE medical director said on Monday during a press conference from Downing Street that nightingale hospitals are now being mobilised.

"I plead with the prime minister to listen to the scientists and get on the right path to control this virus, protect the NHS and save lives", she said.

All lockdown measures across England will be subject to regular review.

Discussions are going to be held on whether Greater Manchester and Lancashire should be reclassified to also join the top tier of restrictions, amid concern at rising coronavirus infection rates across the North West.

He pointed out that the second level of risk of the pandemic will be classified as "high", which will be imposed on areas that are now subject to local restrictions, especially northern English cities, in addition to the prevention of gatherings in restaurants and bars.

- People should also avoid staying overnight in other parts of the United Kingdom if they live in a "very high" area.