Singapore Airs A380 restaurant tickets sold within 30 minutes of opening

  • Singapore Airs A380 restaurant tickets sold within 30 minutes of opening

Singapore Airs A380 restaurant tickets sold within 30 minutes of opening

Airline food has never had the greatest of reviews - but that could all be about to change. Initially, only lunch seatings were offered on these two days.

The airline has now added two additional seatings, and will also be looking at options to "potentially accommodate" those who missed out.

When asked if it plans to extend the onboard dining experience due to the keen interest from the public, it said: "We are now looking into accommodating all who have made reservations, as well as potentially some of those on the waitlist, for this unique dining experience".

Owing to "overwhelming demand", the carrier has chose to keep the restaurant open for two extra days.

An SIA spokesman told The Straits Times on Monday afternoon: "Given the strong demand and interest from customers, Singapore Airlines will reopen the wait list on for a limited time from 6pm on Oct 12 for customers who are still interested in experiencing Restaurant A380 @ Changi".

The dining experience was first announced on Sept 28, when the airline said people could experience the airline's service - albeit on the ground - through three initiatives to be launched.

Singapore Airlines is offering four different dining packages for its pop-up eatery based on its various cabin classes.

But the airline has ditched plans for "flights to nowhere" - short journeys starting and ending at the same airport - following an outcry over the potential environmental impact.

They will get to see a showcase of the airline's cabin crew uniform over the years, and some diners will be given an exclusive tour of the A380 superjumbo. Upon leaving, each will receive take-home souvenirs from the airline, too. The unique restaurant is a dining experience on board an Airbus A380, the world's biggest passenger plane.

A meal in a suite costs S$642 ($474), while seats in business class are going for S$321 and then dropping to S$96.30 for premium economy and S$53.50 for economy. Prices ranged from as low as S$50 to S$600, with an equivalent price in miles redemption if customers prefer to use their miles.

Booking is now open for events on October 24th and 25th.

SIA said that the extra seatings for its Restaurant [email protected] will be made available on the weekend of Oct 31 and Nov 1, 2020, as well as the original weekend on Oct 24 and 25.