Shadowlands Pre-Patch is Now Live

  • Shadowlands Pre-Patch is Now Live

Shadowlands Pre-Patch is Now Live

You can now download the update from your Battlenet account, or read the full World of Warcraft: Shadowlands patch notes here.

In the middle of a game of Hearthstone last night, the friend I was playing with casually said, "Oh, Shadowlands pre-patch is live". That also means the huge list of changes that were promised are now in effect, and of course, plenty of zombies shambling around.

The pre-patch expansion also unlocks a host of new character customization options, allowing players to change their character's gender, hairstyle and facial features free of charge via the in-game barber shop. New players have no need to go through zones that are better consigned to nostalgia.

Ghostcrawler - The Shadowlands expansion has certainly intrigued and (perhaps) conquered many former World of Warcraft players (also several within our editorial team), who has on several occasions announced their upcoming return to the famous Blizzard game. You'll also be able to level up in an entirely new zone, Exile's Reach, so you want to have to grind through all those drab, familiar environments we're all so exhausted of at this point. They will instead start in the new area of Exile's Reach. Also, through the Chromie NPC, after your hit level 10, you can level through any previous expansion to level 50 - w00t!

The love story between the Blizz community and Ghostcrawler lasted for years, until Greg Street chose to give up his role as Lead Systems Designer for World of Warcraft to join Riot, a direct competitor of Blizzard and publisher of League of Legends (today also of Lor and Valorant, two other titles in direct competition with those made by Blizzard ). You can earn some cool loot and limited-time rewards by slaying these undead nuisances or even becoming one yourself! Blizzard previously delayed Shadowlands from its October 26 release date without a replacement date.