Salman Khan helps out actor Faraaz Khan and clears his medical bills

  • Salman Khan helps out actor Faraaz Khan and clears his medical bills

Salman Khan helps out actor Faraaz Khan and clears his medical bills

He was admitted to the emergency ward of Vikram Hospital, where we came to know that he has had three consecutive seizures due to a ringworm infection in his brain and worsened his condition. has gone.

The news was confirmed by actress Kashmera Shah on Instagram. Sharing a pictuer of Salman, Kashmera wrote in her post, "Thank you for taking care of Faraaz Khan and his medical bills. Would be grateful if any of you can as well", along with a picture of Faraaz Khan.

Faraaz Khan was admitted to a private hospital in Bengaluru on 8 October, following which the actor's family and friends sought financial aid to help continue his treatment. I am and will always remain a true admirer.

"I hope you recover soon Faraz!" This is what I think and feel. "I think he is the most genuine person I have ever met in this film industry [sic]".

Earlier, actor-filmmaker Pooja Bhatt urged her followers on Twitter to help raise funds for Faraaz's treatment.

"Doctors have said that there is a chance that Faraaz can get better and go back to his normal life.Please donate for our campaign and share it with your family and friends to save a fellow artist, a brother, a friend", the message further read. She was. Would be thankful if any of you can as well.

The details about Faraaz Khan's health condition have been shared on a fundraiser platform by his family.

It read that Faraaz had existed undergoing from a cough and a disease in his chest for nearly a year. Recently, as the prevailing epidemic had increased coughing, he chose to consult a doctor on a video call.

Faraaz Khan is being treated at Bengaluru's Vikram Hospital. He's the son of Yusuf Khan of Amar Akbar Anthony fame. So, shortly called for an ambulance. However what happened after that has shaken us up to the core.

However, his vitals have been fluctuating and he is still unconscious in the ICU.

Fahma has also told that he has spent most of his savings on treatment of Faraj and now it is getting hard to arrange the expenses.

The family said that Faraaz requires critical care for another seven to ten days, which would cost Rs25 lakh treatment, an amount impossible for them to shell out.