China fires two health officials after new virus outbreak

  • China fires two health officials after new virus outbreak

China fires two health officials after new virus outbreak

Over 5.41 million of the samples collected have been tested to date, and with the exception of the cases already reported, no new positive samples have been found, the city government information office told a press conference on Wednesday.

On Thursday, the National Health Commission reported 11 new cases during the past 24 hours, 10 of them were imported.

Acceleration of the effort to test every resident is underway, it added.

After early missteps, China has taken aggressive measures to curb its spread, including mass testing campaigns when clusters appear, and has managed to almost stamp out domestic transmission. Sample collection work from the city's five urban districts was expected to be completed by the end of Wednesday.

During a work meeting on Tuesday evening, Qingdao Party Chief Wang Qingxian called for the whole city to maintain a "state of war" spirit to fight the virus. A total of 9,437 people have used the quarantine sites, and 2,905 of them are still under medical observation, officials said.

Wu mentioned one of the confirmed cases-a taxi driver who has drawn wide attention. The other case listed as asymptomatic was discovered September 24 and had been recategorised as a confirmed case.

Beijing is requiring that travelers from overseas take three nucleic acid tests when heading to the capital city, which recently resumed direct worldwide flights, the city's COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control authorities said on Wednesday.

A brief notice on Qingdao City government's official microblog on Thursday said that Health Commission Director Sui Jinhua and Ding Kai, head of Qingdao Chest Hospital to which the cases have been linked, are undergoing further investigations.

The background: The swift moves come about a week after the flare-up broke out last week in the port city.