Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend recounts how police shot her

  • Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend recounts how police shot her

Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend recounts how police shot her

Recently, a portion of an upcoming interview with Gayle King for "CBS This Morning" and Breonna Taylor's boyfriend Kenneth Walker hit the news, and in the clip, Walker noted that the police never identified themselves after being asked several times by him and Taylor.

"I'm a million percent sure that nobody identified themselves", Walker said in the CBS interview.

Taylor, 26, a Black woman and emergency room worker, was shot six times inside her apartment when police showed up to execute the warrant approved as part of a narcotics investigation.

One of the officers has been charged with "wanton endangerment" for firing into the home of Taylor's neighbours, but no one has been charged directly over the killing.

"Most important person, pretty much, to me on the Earth, and they took her", he told "CBS This Morning".

"It was dead silent in the house", he explained to King. "That was the one time I had to use it", he says.

Protests erupted after Ms Taylor's death by police, with Black Lives Matter being chanted by the masses. "Didn't have a clue" they were police, he said. "But I assume that's what war probably sounds like", he said.

Throughout the months Walker's story has not changed and he remains adamant that the police never announced themselves at Taylor's door.

Three officers combined fired 32 shots into the apartment, with "bullets coming in every direction", Walker said.

Kenneth Walker said he tried to pull Ms Taylor down to the floor amid the gunfire but "she was just scared, she didn't get down". At this point I still didn't know if she was alive or not, ' Walker said. He called his mother as he held her. When one officer asked if he was struck by the hail of bullets, Walker said he was taken aback when the officer expressed disappointment that he wasn't injured.

In previously released grand jury audio, Walker said he heard knocking, but that police did not respond when he and Taylor repeatedly asked who was there.

Walker wasn't hurt, but he was initially arrested for attempted murder of a police officer. I don't want everyone to know about Kenny Walker, I want everyone to know about Breonna Taylor.

Speaking of the widespread affect Taylor's death has had, Walker noted that if he had also been killed that night, no one would have even known of his girlfriend's name.

"You probably wouldn't even know about it", he said.