Nissan Z Proto teased, to break cover on Wednesday

  • Nissan Z Proto teased, to break cover on Wednesday

Nissan Z Proto teased, to break cover on Wednesday

Judging by the all-new appearance of the concept, as well as counting on the few technical specifications that have been released so far, we can safely place a bet on the new generation Z sports auto (nicknamed 400Z by the rumor mill) being as close as possible to it in the end. We have an overview of the model's history, as well as our most recent review of the current Z linked below.

The pretty, bright-eyed yellow canary sitting before you is the all-new Nissan Z Proto, an early look at what Nissan's cooking up with the seventh-generation Z. If it feels more like you're looking at an older generation Z, that's on goal.

Alfonso Albaisa, head of design at Nissan, said his team "made countless studies and sketches as we researched each generation and what made them a success". "Ultimately, we decided the Z Proto should travel between the decades, including the future".

Its cab rearwards profile is distinctly Z. The roofline flows from the nose to the squared off rear end, a look very much reminiscent of the original Z. This is further amplified by how the rear quarter glass transitions into the tailgate.

Elsewhere, designers installed 19-inch alloy wheels and a dual exhaust system. Hopefully Nissan massages that away in the production variant because it's the one major negative to nitpick on an otherwise brilliant retro-modern design. There are also a number of carbon fiber components including the front splitter, rear valance and side skirts.

In terms of size, the Z Proto measures 172.5 inches (4382 mm) long, 72.8 inches (1,849 mm) wide and 51.6 inches (1,311 mm) tall. This makes the model 5 inches longer, 0.2 inches (5 mm) wider and 0.2 inches (5 mm) shorter than the 370Z. The concept sports a pair of screens, a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster and a 9-inch infotainment screen.

In the official images, the concept sports a bright yellow pearlescent paint, which Nissan describes as a "tribute" to a popular paint scheme used on both the first generation Z (S30) and the 300ZX (Z32), along with a black roof.

Nissan isn't divulging power or torque estimates just yet, but it emphasizes that each new Z generation has been marked by a power increase while confirming the Z Proto relies on a twin-turbocharged V6.

The automaker has yet to reveal technical details of the vehicle, but reports suggest that it will be built on the front-engine, rear-drive FM chassis, with power derived exclusively from a 3.0 litre twin-turbo V6 petrol engine with no electrification whatsoever. Its purported 400Z name indicates that it will at least produce 400 PS and 500 Nm, with drive sent to the rear wheels through the standard fit six-speed manual transmission.