Neymar alleges he was racially abused

  • Neymar alleges he was racially abused

Neymar alleges he was racially abused

The 33-year-old shared a picture of French rap group Bande Organisée, but with the members' heads replaced by those of some Marseille players and coach Andre Villas-Boas, while Neymar's head has been photoshopped onto the body of a dog being held by Alvaro Gonzalez.

Neymar has accused referees of ignoring his reports of racist abuse in an impassioned defence following his sending off in Paris Saint-Germain's 1-0 defeat by Marseille on Sunday.

He was subsequently overheard on pitch-side microphones telling the fourth match official that he overheard a racist comment being used on the pitch, later accusing Gonzalez of this on Twitter and urging VAR to be used to clarify the matter.

MARCA has had access to the video that PSG have made available to Ligue 1's disciplinary commission, in which Neymar and Gonzalez are seen arguing and in which the Brazilian is seen pointing something out to various officials.

"Yesterday I revolted. I was punished with red because I wanted to hit someone who offended me", Neymar said in a lengthy Instagram post-Monday. "I understand this guy partly, all is part of the game, but racism and intolerance are unacceptable", Neymar continued.

The statement added: "Should I have ignored it?" With a cool head today, I say yes, but my team-mates and I asked the referees for help and we were ignored.

"Racism exists. It does exist, but we have to put a stop to it".

PSG voiced their support of Neymar and called for an investigation from French football's authorities, while Marseille insisted Gonzalez is not a racist and claim he has received death threats after his phone number was leaked. "He has shown us that by his daily behaviour since joining the club, as his team-mates have already testified", the statement read.

"Paris Saint-Germain looks forward to the LFP's Disciplinary Commission to investigate and ascertain the facts, and the club remains at the LFP's disposal for any assistance required".

Kurzawa meanwhile could be suspended for up to seven matches for violent conduct after aiming a punch at opposition full-back Amavi.