Monster Energy behind Gods and Monsters name change

  • Monster Energy behind Gods and Monsters name change

Monster Energy behind Gods and Monsters name change

Monster routinely challenges "monster"-related trademarks, including, tactical gear, ice cream, and dog treats". The response from Ubisoft about halfway through May mentioned that "Ubisoft denies that Opposer will be damaged by registration of Ubisoft's marks and denies that Opposer is entitled to any relief". As a result, they just made a decision to rename the game into Immortals Fenyx Rising.

At the conclusion of the latest Ubisoft Forward digital event, the developers of Immortal Fenyx Rising have released a new video with nearly an hour and a half (to be precise, 85 minutes) of gameplay scenes. So far, Ubisoft has not commented on any opposition from Monster Energy. After a lengthy spell with no new details, the name change was met with a mixed response from fans.

Part of Monster Energy's initial challenge contends that the company's branding is already well-established in the gaming industry, as a sponsor of esports events and games like Monster Energy Supercross. And also I like the new era, Fenyx, and adjoining that epic adventure. Yet ahead of September's Ubisoft Forward, the game's name was officially changed from Gods & Monsters to Immortals Fenyx Rising.

It seems that both parties did attempt to settle the dispute twice.

According to a TechRaptor report (which was developed in this video from Hoeg Law,) the Gods & Monsters trademark faced an opposition filing from the Monster Energy Company in April of 2020, which may have forced Ubisoft's hand, necessitating the name change to Immortals Fenyx Rising.

For example, Monster took issue with Nikko Toys' line of remote control Mega Monster trucks because it, too, has at one time or another plastered its logo on the sides of toy cars.

The brand's tagline is "Unleash the Beast".