Elderly man stabbed to death near Toronto mosque

  • Elderly man stabbed to death near Toronto mosque

Elderly man stabbed to death near Toronto mosque

According to a police statement, the man was working as a volunteer caretaker at the mosque and had been in a chair outside the front doors ensuring that anyone entering was complying with COVID-19 health regulations. -Kipling Ave. area. Officers found a volunteer caretaker at a mosque - Mohamed-Aslim Zafis, 58 - with a fatal stab wound to the neck.

He has since been identified as Rampreet (Peter) Singh, a homeless man in his late 30s who had been living under a bridge on the West Humber Trail in recent months. "In a nutshell, they are similar ethnicities", Idsinga told reporters Monday.

Police say both husband and wife were pronounced dead at the scene. And both victims are brown-skinned males.

"At this stage in our investigation, it is too early to confirm if these two homicides are connected to one another, however we can not exclude that possibility", he said.

Idsinga declined to say whether the same weapon was used in the two attacks. There's also nothing to indicate that Singh and Zafis knew each other, he added.

Police said the victims were a married couple and have been identified as Joao Barcelos, 64, and Iva Barcelos, 59.

Police said that the suspect, a slim man wearing a black hoodie and dark trousers, was seen fleeing the scene on foot. "Instead, we ask that you keep our brother and his family in your prayers".

"We know that many of us are saddened beyond words, and are afraid and anxious after such an act of violence struck so close to home", the statement says, noting those affected can contact a mental health hotline or arrange a meeting with a spiritual counsellor.