'Chinese company aimed at psychological warfare using data'

  • 'Chinese company aimed at psychological warfare using data'

'Chinese company aimed at psychological warfare using data'

However, experts argued that up to 20 percent of the data could not be found through an open source, which means it may have been collected from the dark web or through hacking.

The Australian targets included singer Natalie Imbruglia, One Nation co-founder David Oldfield, Victorian Supreme Court Judge Anthony Cavanough, billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes, and journalists from the ABC and Newscorp.

"It seems like an effort towards statecraft and action can not be taken till the time there are reports of a data breach by a platform or intermediaries, like (it) has happened in the past", said one of the officials who did not wish to be identified.

Speaking to the Telegraph, Mr Tugendhat said: "This is a further indication that their interest in United Kingdom politics has gone beyond the general and into the specific".

"This includes everyone from known politicians to political aides to low level military personnel".

Researchers say the massive collection of information is being used as a "psychological warfare" tool to manipulate public opinion in Australia.

CHINA has got access to personal data belonging to Prime Minister Boris Johnson as well as other MPs and high-profile United Kingdom figures, a leaked report has shown.

China Revival drew information from multiple sources to compile its database. "Indian agencies flagged how common Indians unknowingly were contributing to the data bank of Chinese companies, which in turn was being shared with Chinese Communist Party and agencies".

Together, they were able to extract the records of 250,000 people listed in the database, including 35,000 prominent Australians.

Zhenhua Data's website, which has since been deleted said that it provided "services for military, security and foreign propaganda" as well as "human-oriented threat intelligence services" for intelligence agencies under the umbrella of the Chinese Communist Party. "While the reports clearly state the scale of the operation, we are more concerned about its depth - to what level of detail the Chinese firm is profiling individuals in terms of data points, the financial investment in hardware facilitated by its partners, and the need for upgrading cyber hygiene at our end", said a top official. "Not just within China but around the world". The available data proves the hand of Chinese authorities behind it.

According to the researchers, the company "appeared to crawl information platforms to build out personal and professional profiles of key individuals globally".

"The unique blend of civil-military fusion pushed by China that works with private firms to engage in state policy activities such as intelligence gathering should be concerning", the report said.

Why is the data being gathered?