Bad News for John Bolton Over Trump Book

  • Bad News for John Bolton Over Trump Book

Bad News for John Bolton Over Trump Book

A federal grand jury has issued criminal subpoenas to a publishing company and a literary agency in connection with the book by former Trump national security adviser John Bolton, NPR has confirmed. The issue is whether Bolton broke laws on the disclosure of classified information.

A spokesman for Javelin could not immediately be reached for comment. If this goes badly for Bolton, he might have to forfeit proceeds from the book on top of whatever penalty he would face for the alleged breach of classified information.

The federal judge overseeing that case, however, Royce Lamberth, issued a ruling that spelled trouble for Bolton stating that he agreed with the government's argument that the book contained highly classified material - essentially paving the way for the government to possibly charge Bolton criminally under the Espionage Act. Soon after, however, Bolton was informed that the review was still ongoing and that a separate NSC official determined it still contained passages with classified information.

Bolton's attorneys wrote that the feds failed to make a good-faith effort to clear Bolton's book in a timely manner, writing in a court filing, "The facts in the public record overwhelmingly indicate that the government violated" its obligation to act in good faith "by undertaking and conducting the second, and unprecedented, further prepublication review ... for the political goal of suppressing, or at least delaying until after the 2020 election, the publication of a book that reported facts portraying President Trump in an unfavorable and embarrassing light".

Bolton, who served for a time as President Donald Trump's national security adviser, has said he has complied with all of the revisions requested by the White House. "But these facts do not control the motion before the Court".

Bolton's book, 'The Room Where it Happened, ' offered his take on the president's interactions with Ukraine, which led to Trump's impeachment in Congress. Bolton wrote that Democrats in Congress should have probed Trump's interference in DOJ probes to 'give personal favors to dictators he liked'.

Bolton's lawyer, Charles Cooper, has accused the government of slow-walking the review of Bolton's book before it was published.

Barr has denied the Justice Department had any political motivations in bringing its case against Bolton.