AMD’s New Video Card Is Now Live In Fortnite

  • AMD’s New Video Card Is Now Live In Fortnite

AMD’s New Video Card Is Now Live In Fortnite

I spent about 15 minutes poking around the virtual Radeon RX 6000 series, listening to two other players discuss the card enthusiastically until finally concluding that while it will be awesome, they liked Nvidia's newer cards better.

In a tweet from the Radeon Twitter account, we got to see one sole image of the future card. According to a teaser video released last week by the AMD, the graphic cards will support both PC and consoles, seemingly confirming persistent rumors that the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 will both ship with these chips.

AMD hasn't released any specification related details here so we're exclusively going off what it looks like, however it seems likely that this is going to be one of AMD's high-end cards because why show off anything else?

Just log into Fortnite Creative, enter access code 8651-9841-1639 into the terminal, and you're transported to a world where the new Radeon card's triple-fan design rules the sky.

Interestingly, we can also see a dual 8-pin power connector, indicating that this will be a powerful GPU, as we would expect from "Big Navi". Previous generation flagship cards from AMD instead used a single blower design, which wasn't as effective for cooling the cards, but would dump hot air outside the case. Shrewd marketing move? Maybe.

RDNA 2 should bring a big improvement to performance per watt compared to original RDNA 1/Navi graphics cards.

We should know more over the coming weeks as it seems very likely that AMD will continue to tease us.