Coronavirus: 3 deaths and 357 new COVID-19 cases today

  • Coronavirus: 3 deaths and 357 new COVID-19 cases today

Coronavirus: 3 deaths and 357 new COVID-19 cases today

It means the county has not yet moved to the significantly more restrictive "level three" of coronavirus response.

Following publication of the Government's Living with Covid plan, Dr Glynn says the advice remains the same.

It comes as another person has died with the virus and there were 255 new cases.

It's understood, members of the Cabinet were advised to restrict their movements on foot of guidance from the Acting Chief Medical Officer.

Asked about the situation in Dublin, Mr Martin also said: "We have to learn also from what we've done in the past".

Dubliners are also being "encouraged" to limit travel outside the county.

"Socialising can continue at indoor or outdoor public venues, but only with people from their own household or one other household, and in groups of no more than six."

For most of the country, the existing restrictions in place now are being extended for three weeks - now labeled level two.

Of the 357 new cases notified nationally today 185 are men and 172 are women with 63% being under 45 years of age. But in Dublin this will be limited to 100 people.

With no end in sight to the pandemic, strict limits on everyday life are set to last at least six months and the plan will set out five levels of restrictions.

However Dublin is a sort of level two plus - with pubs not being allowed to re-open next week, people only allowed to have 6 people from one household in their homes and spectator sport being restricted.

While the approach is now national, and the entire country is on Level 2, that could change depending on prevalence of the virus in local areas. Today, Government launched a 5-Level framework.

The aim is to keep schools, creches and businesses open in as numerous scenarios as possible, with the government hoping these rules will allow people to have a life while also saving lives.