NASA Is Helping Tom Cruise Shoot a Movie Aboard ISS

The American space agency's director Jim Bridenstine confirmed the news on Twitter, saying he was excited that the move would "inspire a new generation of engineers and scientists" to work on space travel.

SpaceX will surely be featured in said future movie that's now only described as a ' narrative feature film ' and ' an action adventure to be shot in outer space, ' according to Deadline.

The proposed action adventure is in its early stages, Deadline reported on Monday.

This isn't the first time Tom Cruise has flirted with a project that would let him go to actual outer space.

"Should be a lot of fun!" And now he's reportedly setting his sights on the biggest stunt of all: filming a movie in outer space.

Russian Federation is now the only country able to send people to the ISS, however SpaceX and Boeing have been working for years to make the United States capable of the feat. Its first launch with a human crew is scheduled for later this month.

At this point, Cameron's not involved in this film (he's busy making his own space movies, four Avatar sequels, albeit without going into the actual upper atmosphere).

SpaceX is slated to launch astronauts to space from United States soil for the first time in almost a decade later this month aboard the Crew Dragon, which will dock with the ISS. However, McQuarrie, who worked with Cruise on the Mission: Impossible films, will be the project's story advisor and a producer alongside Cruise, Liman, and van Sandwijk.

In Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation and Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol he ended up scaling the enormous Burj Khalifa skyscraper in Dubai some 123 floors up. The disease later led to a worldwide shutdown of Hollywood movie and TV production and the closure of movie theatres.