India's coronavirus cases top 2 million

  • India's coronavirus cases top 2 million

India's coronavirus cases top 2 million

India has recorded more than 2 million total coronavirus cases, only three weeks after announcing it had hit 1 million confirmed infections, as the country's healthcare systems buckle under the pressure of the escalating pandemic.

The health ministry said Friday 62,538 cases were reported in the past 24 hours, raising the nation's total to 2,027,074.

India has become the third country in the world after the USA and Brazil to pass the 2 million mark in the total number of identified Covid-19 cases.

Still, the government has taken some solace from the relatively low death rate, at about 2 percent, but experts say its testing rate at 16,035 per million people is far too low.

Life cautiously returned to the streets of the capital of New Delhi and financial hub Mumbai, which appear to have passed their peaks. The rate in the 3.3% and in Brazil 3.4%, figures from Johns Hopkins University showed.

India's government is reluctant to reimpose lockdowns as it has given priority to economic activities.

This is the fourth consecutive day that India recorded the highest number of fresh infections in a single day across the world, according to the World Health Organization.

In Delhi, the ASHA workers staged a protest at Palam Dispensary. A majority of them work on contracts with state governments at a monthly salary of about 3,000 Indian rupees ($40.02).

The workers also said that they had to undertake hard journeys for work.

She added that, although the work has increased and become more unsafe, their salaries remain static at roughly 2,000 rupees ($27) per month.

Manisha Verma, a spokesperson for the Health Ministry, did not immediately respond to a request for comment. With over 4.6 lakh cases, Maharashtra is the worst-hit till now.

"Everyone thinks it won't be them", he said.

Researchers are hoping to launch the Oxford vaccine for emergency use by October.