Channel migrants: Record number of unaccompanied children reach UK

  • Channel migrants: Record number of unaccompanied children reach UK

Channel migrants: Record number of unaccompanied children reach UK

Ms Patel has already admitted there were "serious legislative, legal and operational barriers" in her efforts to persuade the French to return migrant boats to France.

Border Force officers escort a group of men thought to be migrants to a waiting bus, after they were brought into the port city of Dover, England, from small boats, August 7.

And schools minister Nick Gibb told Today that he United Kingdom will be using "boats to try and prevent people leaving" and crossing the English Channel.

Sixty minors arrived at the beginning of August, including 23 on Friday.

A new single-day record was set on Thursday, during which at least 235 people made the journey on 17 boats. In the major Channel port of Dover, children in life jackets, some too young to walk, were lifted out of Border Force boats and taken ashore in England.

Some have turned to small boats organized by smugglers because lockdowns have reduced opportunities to stow away on ferries and trucks.

More crossing are reported to have been made this morning.

He said the immigration minister Chris Philp, who discussed the issue with France's deputy ambassador on Wednesday, would visit France next week to discuss ways to "increase co-operation and intelligence sharing to police crossings".

The migrants will be returned to France and Germany after those countries agreed to consider their asylum claims.

"I don't think that just trying to push these people back is going to work and it will only take one of these dinghies to capsize and everybody to drown, which is perfectly feasible, for their to be a hullabaloo, including in the Conservative Party, and for the policy to have to be reversed, so I wouldn't go down that route", he told BBC Radio 4's Today programme.

The government has come under increasing political pressure from critics to tackle the issue and has floated the idea of using the Royal Navy to patrol the Channel.

A group of migrants rest on the beach as they wait for Uk Border Force officials at Dungeness, southern England, Thursday Aug. 6 2020.

The crossings continued on Friday, with at least 130 people believed to have arrived on United Kingdom shores after being intercepted by authorities.

Home Secretary Priti Patel said in a tweet that the number of crossings was "shameful" and "unacceptably high", adding that she was "working to make this route unviable" by preventing boats from leaving France as well as intercepting and returning those attempting to make a crossing.

Dover and Deal MP Natalie Elphicke said: "We've gone into this record number of people crossing over this year all options need to be on the table".