New electric Hummer EV edges closer to production

  • New electric Hummer EV edges closer to production

New electric Hummer EV edges closer to production

The video reveals an SUV with an external spare tire and a pickup truck, which is said to be the Sport Utility Truck. As a result, electric cars stand out. In fact, the company would introduce the new electric pickup truck on May 20, but this event was delayed due to the pandemic.

The main announcement for Hummer today was that the new plan is for production to begin in fall of next year, so over a year away, after the reveal date was pushed from May to "later this fall".

The film shows a seven-bar backlit grille, with the word "Hummer" projected between the headlights.

With the market hyped up for Tesla's Cybertruck, the Hummer EV pickup may well be General Motors' most important vehicle yet. It is noteworthy that the side windows of the vehicle have more slopes than the windscreen. The latest teaser video features Lebron James and offers some new insights into the new Hummer brand. We already knew the new electric pickup truck will be equipped with 1,000 horsepower, 11,500 lb-ft of torque, and 0 to 60 miles per hour acceleration in 3 seconds.

Another vehicle we came across in the video was the SUV, which was produced on the electric platform but with more traditional lines. The boxy roofline, squared fenders catching a hint of light, and even the wheel design are all closely reminiscent of the last we saw of the Hummer H3 back in 2010. It'll also have a removable targa roof, and be offered in both pickup and SUV body styles. Or maybe it's driving modes named "adrenaline" and "crab". Earlier, GM stated that the truck will get 800-volt batteries ranging from 50 to 200 kWh with 350 kW fast charging feature.

GMC has not confirmed that the Hummer EV will have rear-steering capacity, but it wouldn't be a initially for the manufacturer.