Herman Cain Dead from Covid-19

  • Herman Cain Dead from Covid-19

Herman Cain Dead from Covid-19

The announcement was made on Cain's website.

Because of Cain's age and history with cancer, he was considered high-risk, Calabrese noted.

Only 6000 people attended Donald Trump's rally in Tulsa, but most were crammed closely together.

Cain, a stage 4 cancer survivor, was diagnosed with the coronavirus last month and admitted to a hospital in Atlanta, southeastern state of Georgia, earlier in July.

During his opening monologue, Cuomo stopped short of declaring Trump directly responsible for Cain's death.

"There aren't many people like Herman Cain, and it behooves us to truly cherish the ones we're given", Dan Calabrese, the editor of hermancain.com, wrote on Thursday.

Calabrese announced the 2000 and 2012 presidential candidate's diagnosis on July 2, calling it then a "punch in the gut", though acknowledging at the time that he did not require a respirator after being hospitalized due to problems breathing.

Oga Cain bin appear without mask for one rally wey President Trump do for Tulsa, Oklahoma, for June 20.

Cain's colorful, long-shot presidential candidacy in 2012 drew the most coverage of all Republican primary candidates.

"Melania and I loved Herman Cain, a great man", he wrote. The president wanted to nominate him for the Federal Reserve Board, but Cain dropped out after receiving backlash from Republican lawmakers.

He ultimately bowed out of the race in December 2011 amid sexual misconduct allegations, which he denied.

The president paid tribute to Mr Cain on Thursday at the White House, saying: "He was a very special person. and unfortunately he passed away from a thing called the China virus".

Kimberly Guilfoyle, a fundraising official on Trump's campaign and the girlfriend of the president's eldest son, also tested positive for COVID-19 after attending the Tulsa rally. Take, for instance, former Real Housewives of Atlanta star now Republican Congressional candidate Angela Stanton-King, who is now under the impression that only celebrities and Democrats recover from the coronavirus.

He is survived by his wife, Gloria Etchison, their children and grandchildren.