Epic Games Store launches mod support in beta

  • Epic Games Store launches mod support in beta

Epic Games Store launches mod support in beta

Epic Games has finally announced the arrival of the Targets for the games on its digital store, although the introduction of this feature is now in a provisional version and subject to change.

As of now, Mechwarriors 5 is the only game that supports mods on the Epic Games Store. One of those, mod support, is now available - albeit in beta form. A new update rolled out yesterday which integrated the feature.

MechCommander Mercenaries by the MCM Team is a lately-declared and hugely bold actual-time technique conversion of MW5. The company has been working on mod support since last summer.

Epic Video games has started to carry out its long-awaited achievements method inside of specific online games played by means of its Laptop launcher. We don't know if Epic themselves, developers, or publishers, or perhaps the community of players will shoulder the burden for curating the most interesting mods going forward. "Excluding source code and code modification, it is otherwise a fully featured version of the MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries project used for development".

Previous thirty day period, Epic Game titles said its retail store now had in excess of 61 million month-to-month energetic people, with an regular concurrent figure of 13 million actively playing at any time. At the top will be a drop-down menu showing the mods available. You will get two options to choose from, Modding Toolkit and Browse Mods. As for the mod editor, it is now included with the game as a separate title in your library.