Citing Election Delay Tweet, Influential Trump Ally Now Demands His Re-Impeachment

  • Citing Election Delay Tweet, Influential Trump Ally Now Demands His Re-Impeachment

Citing Election Delay Tweet, Influential Trump Ally Now Demands His Re-Impeachment

This article is republished here with permission from The Associated Press.

A public numbness sets in, to the point that even Trump's most ardent political opponents have difficulty summoning outrage.

The dynamic has forced Trump-backed politicians to walk a delicate balance as they condemn the president's most erratic behavior and ideas while trying not to upset his die-hard loyalists.

President Trump on Friday pointed to the still-undecided election results in New York's 12th Congressional District, which was inundated with absentee ballots on June 23, as an example of the chaos looming if states rely on universal mail-in voting in the November presidential election. At the same time, many Republican leaders are struggling under the weight of health, economic and social crises that the Trump administration has failed to contain. An election was also held on time in 1944, with incumbent Franklin D. Roosevelt claiming victory in the midst of World War II.

But Trump does not appear to have the same attachment to the tenets of American democracy as his predecessors.

Calabresi declared himself "appalled" by the tweet, which he characterized as "seeking to postpone the November election".

But it's also important that election officials - including Republican secretaries of state - counter Trump's insinuations by reminding voters that there is nothing sinister about a tabulation that lasts beyond election night, especially in an election in which the coronavirus pandemic has necessitated increased voting by mail.

"If it takes a few more months, then so be it", Falwell said in an interview, raising the prospect of limiting the president's powers if the delay extends beyond his first term.

As voters look for a safer alternative to in-person voting, election officials from both parties have promoted mail-in and absentee voting options.

Trump expanded his election attacks later in the day, saying he didn't want to move forward with the vote unless the results are known the same day.

He told reporters that allegations of Russian Federation and China meddling in the USA elections could come true under a universal system of voting by mail. Trump floated the idea Thursday morning at a time when almost all polls project he will lose against Joe Biden in November.

Since Mr Trump tweeted, top Republicans cited these elections while dismissing Mr Trump's suggestion. Changing the date would require approval from Congress - something Republican lawmakers made clear they would not support.

We all should want - and I know you do too, Senator Kaine - want to make sure we have an election that everyone is confident in, that's not only for -"Sen".

The best-case scenario, according to some observers, is that Trump's broadsides against the electoral process are simply a way for him to explain away a possible loss.

The simple reality remains that Republicans up and down the ballot this fall need Trump's fervent base on their side to have any chance of winning.