Tuesday Halifax County COVID-19 update

  • Tuesday Halifax County COVID-19 update

Tuesday Halifax County COVID-19 update

New Hanover County's positive Covid-19 case count has almost doubled in 11 days, on track to surpass 1,000 cases by Tuesday or Wednesday.

Preliminary investigation likely connects this person to a known case from a large event in another county. As of Monday, it had 951.

As we start to rebound from the impact of COVID-19, many Montanans need financial help.

Wright County also saw an increase of 12 cases for a total of 438 cases and four deaths.

"We have established strong relationships and processes with our main suppliers for testing supplies that are working well". To prevent the spread of the virus, experts ask all residents to practice the three Ws: wear a mask, wash hands frequently, and wait 6 ft. apart. Allamakee County has dropped from 29 to 4 active cases. According to Leeanne Whisnant, Director of Consolidated Human Services, Alexander County EMS responded to a call at a residence on Monday morning during which time the patient died as a result of complications associated with COVID-19. There are two new cases reported today, and the state says there was an increase of 60 cases in the past two weeks. Almost 40 hospital staff members have contracted the virus.

It's the first day without any new cases since June 19.