SEC commissioner Greg Sankey commends MS for vote to change state flag

  • SEC commissioner Greg Sankey commends MS for vote to change state flag

SEC commissioner Greg Sankey commends MS for vote to change state flag

The Mississippi Legislature voted Sunday to redesign the state flag, whose rebel battle star was the final remaining symbol of the Confederacy on a state's flag. The vote in the Senate was 37-14.

Hill was reacting to the state legislature going forward with plans to remove an image of the Confederate battle flag from the state flag. If they reject the new design, MS will go without a state flag until a new design is approved.

The bill would also establish a commission to redesign the MS state flag. Republican Governor Tate Reeves (Tate Reeves), has previously stated that he would sign the law if it is approved by legislators. "The entire nation is watching".

The goal of the bill is to get the new flag design on ballots in November.

Sen. Briggs Hopson, left, R-Vicksburg, is hugged by Sen.

But Governor Reeves warned Saturday that changing the flag would not end racism or end divisions in his state. "They'll begin to see that we're more than what that flag represents".

Since 2001, when voters decisively approved the flag in a referendum, the line taken by many MS lawmakers was that only another statewide vote could change it.

A commission would design a new flag that can not include the Confederate symbol broadly condemned as racist, said the reports, the new design would go before voters in November for approval.

Magee said the removed flags will be donated to the local library or another agency that will take them.

NASCAR opted earlier in June to ban Confederate flags at races in part due to concerns raised by Bubba Wallace, the sport's only active Black driver. "All the things I heard from those men at the podium - that none of us went up to speak about because we've been saying it for years - but all those things they talked about, we've been feeling for years". A nine-person commission will be appointed to develop a single new design by September, and MS voters will approve or reject that design on the November 2020 ballot.

A Mississippi state flag flying outside the Capitol in Jackson, Mississippi.

As Rep. White closed on the bill he asked all members to vote green, in the affirmative for what he says is all the good in Mississippi.

MS in 2001 voted overwhelmingly to retain its current flag, hailed by its defenders as a proud symbol of southern heritage and history. "I ask each of you as we recognize the MS of yesterday let us vote today for the MS of tomorrow".