Leicester lockdown: City 'must stick together' after coronavirus surge

  • Leicester lockdown: City 'must stick together' after coronavirus surge

Leicester lockdown: City 'must stick together' after coronavirus surge

In what is likely the first of several local lockdowns, all the non-essential shops are shutting again, schools are closing again, and they don't get to participate in Everything Is Fine Day on the 4th of July when pubs and such will reopen everywhere else.

Hancock said the seven-day infection rate in Leicester was three times higher than the next highest city.

He said in a statement: "Clearly coronavirus does not adhere to lines on a map".

Weston General Hospital recently had a spike in coronavirus cases and was temporarily closed to new admissions but the rest of the town remained open.

Schools will stay open for vulnerable youngsters and children of critical workers as they did before and people will be able to travel for childcare.

He said: "We need to have local lockdowns and local whack-a-mole strategies where that's necessary".

Hancock says Leicester's infection rate is 3x higher than the next highest city in the United Kingdom, and although the government had tried "targeted action" at local schools and workplaces, a stronger solution was needed.

What geographical area is covered?

The deputy leader of North Somerset Council has hit out at Boris Johnson's "misleading" claims Weston-super-Mare went into a Leicester-style lockdown.

Previously, Mayor of Leicester Sir Peter Soulsby said policing the lockdown would be "something of a challenge" without knowing what the boundaries were.

How will it be enforced?

While the exact area impacted is not expected to be made clear until later on Tuesday, Mr Hancock said Leicester and the surrounding conurbation including Oadby, Birstall and Glenfield would be included.

When asked how people would be stopped from travelling outside the city, he said: "We're recommending against all but essential travel both to and from and within Leicester, and as we saw during the peak, the vast majority of people will abide by these rules".

Mr Hancock said: "We can take further action if we need to and put in place more stringent legal controls but I hope that we don't have to because I hope the people of Leicester will follow the social distancing as necessary".

Through the councils, authorities will also help workplaces with coronavirus clusters to "implement more stringently the Covid-secure guidelines".

Mr Hancock added: "We are providing funding for local support".

"I just want to reiterate to those who are in Leicester right now... that the furlough scheme is in existence and it works now in the same way that it's worked across the country".