HHS Sec. Azar states 'window is closing' to curb coronavirus surge

  • HHS Sec. Azar states 'window is closing' to curb coronavirus surge

HHS Sec. Azar states 'window is closing' to curb coronavirus surge

"Items are extremely distinctive from two months back..."

"We've obtained our fatality prices and our hospitalization premiums are the most affordable they've been in two months, but this is a very serious condition", he reported.

He suggested that the United States is better positioned to handle the pandemic than before, noting an increase in testing, contact tracing, hospital capacity, stocks of personal protective equipment, and progress toward therapeutics and potential vaccines for the virus. Tapper on "State of the Union". Texas and Florida were among the states that reversed course on parts of their reopening plans last week as cases continue to increase. "We need to social distance, we need to wear our face coverings if we're in settings where we can't social distance, particularly in these hot zones".

He stated the surge in scenarios isn't about which states have reopened or are reopening their economies.

Yet reopened businesses can't be entirely blamed, Azar said.

Why it matters: Azar's rhetoric stands in stark contrast to that of President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, who claimed at a press briefing on Friday that the US has "flattened the curve" and that much of the surge in new cases is attributable to an increase in testing.

He cautioned that if Us citizens "act irresponsibly, if we will not socially distance, if we really don't use confront coverings in settings wherever we cannot social length, if we never practice proper personalized cleanliness, we are heading to see spread of ailment".

Azar reported the administration is doing the job with area authorities and states to comprehend why the virus is surging in specified regions.

When asked if the Trump administration's claims of an increase in the number of cases was the result of further tests, Frieden rejected it and said: "As a doctor, scientist and epidemiologist, I can tell you with 100% certainty that in the Most states where you are seeing an increase, it is a real increase".

When questioned no matter if the Trump administration's statements of mounting scenario quantities was the effect of extra tests getting completed, Frieden dismissed it, saying, "As a medical doctor, a scientist, an epidemiologist, I can notify you with 100% certainty that in most states the place you're observing an boost, it is a true raise".