This year's iPhones might not include a charger in the box

  • This year's iPhones might not include a charger in the box

This year's iPhones might not include a charger in the box

Today, Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported that Apple will not include a power adapter in the iPhone 12 box.

iPhone 12 leaks and rumours are hotting up - and while talk of 5G capability and triple-lens cameras are certainly whetting our appetite ahead of the expected September launch, not all the speculation is good news.

While removing the charger and EarPods from the box would be a bold move by Apple, the company can point to the positive environmental impact of doing so. And now, one concept artist has created a stunning trailer (below) based on everything we know so far, and it provides our clearest glimpse yet of the iPhone 12's design - in all its colourful glory.

While the iPhone 11 Pro comes with an 18-watt USB-C power adapter, it appears the iPhone 12 will use a new 20-watt USB-C adapter that will not come bundled with the handset but instead be an optional extra.

Kuo says that the decision is made for pricing reasons. However, Apple will be launching the iPhone 12 series in a similar price range as the iPhone 11 series.

Last week images of a 20W iPhone charger leaked, suggesting Apple meant to ship the iPhone 12 with a more powerful adapter.

Gone are the days when Apple's entry-level iPads were always 9.7 inches - after the iPad 10.2 in 2019 kicked off the size increase race, it seems this year's upcoming entry-level iPad might be even bigger still. Kuo's note corroborates that information, making it much more likely to be accurate. Going by Kuo's predictions, a 10.8-inch iPad and 8.5-inch iPad mini means both tablets will have a larger display than their predecessors.

What do you think about this move from Apple? Let's see how Apple tries to justify this change.