Mississippi Legislature Approves Removal Of Confederate Emblem From State Flag

  • Mississippi Legislature Approves Removal Of Confederate Emblem From State Flag

Mississippi Legislature Approves Removal Of Confederate Emblem From State Flag

Reeves also wrote that any vote regarding the flag would not be the end of their work, that their real job was "to bring the state together", a task he described as "harder than recovering from tornadoes, harder than historic floods, harder than agency corruption, or prison riots or the coming hurricane season-even harder than battling the Coronavirus". It's the last state flag that still displays the emblem, which is widely considered racist due in part to its ties to slavery and use by white supremacy groups. Three days later, a parade of coaches, including both from universities across the state, including both Lane.

A nine-person commission will be appointed to design a new flag, which will be voted in November. "They began to understand and feel the same thing I've been feeling for 61 years of my life". He previously said vetoing the bill would be "pointless", per NBC. He said his children and now his grandchildren have had questions about what it represents and called for a flag that would stir pride in all of the state's residents - almost 40 percent of whom are black. That state removed the symbol from its banner in 2001.

New Mississippi State coach Mike Leach - a man recently hired by the school and previously condemned for a tweet with a meme that contained a noose - said the state's flag wasn't serving its objective because it didn't bring all of its residents together. We're moving closer to them.

Democratic state Senator Derrick Simmons of Greenville, who is African American, said the state deserves a flag to make all people proud.

Don Hartness of Ellisville, Mississippi, walking around the Capitol carrying the current Mississippi state flag and the American flag. Many prominent Mississippians expressed their appreciation.

Hill was reacting to the state legislature going forward with plans to remove an image of the Confederate battle flag from the state flag.

Now attention will turn to the next steps in the process of developing a new state flag.

The bill calls for the removal of the Confederate battle emblem from the state flag and for the establishment of a commission to come up with a new flag design that will be voted upon in a state referendum. Should voters reject that design in November, the commission would present a new option during the 2021 legislative session, according to the resolution.

Governor Tate Reeves stated in a Facebook post that he will sign the bill. The governor's three appointees must be representatives from the Mississippi Economic Council, the Mississippi Arts Commission, and the Mississippi Department of Archives and History. Winter said in his statement.

"By changing our flag, we don't abandon our founding principles", he said.