Mike Pence backs Greg Abbott as coronavirus slams Texas

  • Mike Pence backs Greg Abbott as coronavirus slams Texas

Mike Pence backs Greg Abbott as coronavirus slams Texas

The debate on the use of facemasks is particularly heated in southern and western states, which have seen a sharp rise in coronavirus cases.

Experts say that especially early on, many victims died of Covid-19 without being tested for it.

Vice President Mike Pence backed Texas' governor Sunday and said America is making progress against the coronavirus even as the Lone Star State scales back its reopening plan in the face of skyrocketing case-counts and dwindling hospital space.

The number of reported infections in the United States has now surpassed 2.5 million.

"COVID-19 has taken a very swift and very risky turn in Texas over just the past few weeks", said Gov. Greg Abbott, who allowed businesses to start reopening in early May but on Friday shut down bars and limited restaurant dining amid a spike in cases.

Mike Pence was in the state Sunday to discuss the effects of the pandemic.

A reported tally Sunday from Johns Hopkins University researchers said the death toll from the coronavirus pandemic had topped 500,00.

Despite the spike in cases, Florida's Republican governor Ron DeSantis has not bowed to pressure to issue statewide mandates on wearing masks, opting to leave the decision to local areas.

US President Donald Trump has frequently downplayed the need to have for improved tests.

"The U.S.is now setting records for daily new cases as the virus surges around the country, which makes it both startling, and frankly infuriating, that on Friday the vice president made this declaration", said Oliver, before playing a clip of Vice President Pence claiming, "The truth is, we did slow the spread".

California governor Gavin Newsom rolled back reopenings of bars in seven counties, including Los Angeles.

Florida has also seen soaring cases and begun reimposing measures. NY and New Jersey are seeing very few new cases while the virus surges in the Southwest portion of the country.

"It was therefore inevitable that there would be cluster outbreaks as infections spilled over from communities into places of congregation such as mines, factories, taxis and buses".

Poland and France, meanwhile, attempted a step toward normalcy as the held elections that had been delayed by the virus.

Per CNN, members of the choir wore their masks between songs.