Microsoft closing all stores permanently

  • Microsoft closing all stores permanently

Microsoft closing all stores permanently

According to the update, former physical location team members will be adapting to offer online services like 1on1 technical support, and more.

The statement issued by Microsoft yesterday shocked the entire technology industry. The company has begun to change the marketing strategy of its product lineup. But it's not clear if they are referring to retail locations or other facilities. But that's all about to change as Microsoft is closing its physical retail stores globally, and focusing instead on online sales. The software giant was criticized for ripping off Apple stores, and while it successfully created a similar ambiance, it couldn't drive the same foot traffic to its locations.

The surprise announcement comes amid the COVID-19 pandemic that has forced companies to temporarily or permanently close brick-and-mortar locations.

Microsoft said closing the stores will cost about $450 million in taxes but calls it a smart and strategic decision. As someone who lived near a Microsoft Store for several years and visited on multiple occasions, I've got mixed feelings on this. Microsoft said that the online stores of, Xbox, and Windows have 1.2 billion customers per month in 190 markets. However, the bad news is what this transition is going to cost for Microsoft. The assortment of outlets grew to include a store on New York's Fifth Avenue and one in London, opened last July.

The company supports the community by organizing more than 14,000 online seminars and summer camps and more than 3,000 virtual graduation ceremonies.

The retail team members will serve consumers, small-business, education, and enterprise customers, while building a pipeline of talent with transferable skills. The company's push into retail stores started about 11 years ago, as the company looked to showcase products like its Xbox game consoles as well as third-party personal computers. Apple Inc. has reopened its retail sites only to shut more than 30 of them again as the virus resurges in some locations.