Lamborghini wrecked after just 20 minutes

  • Lamborghini wrecked after just 20 minutes

Lamborghini wrecked after just 20 minutes

People turned the two photo into meme, sharing this is exactly how 2020 is going.

The only difference in the Huracan Spyder compared to its coupe sibling is the new soft-top retractable roof, which Lamborghini claims can be opened in 18 seconds at speeds up to 50kmph.

A brand new Lamborghini was wrecked in a crash that occurred just 20 minutes after it was purchased. The accident took place in West Yorkshire in the United Kingdom on Thursday. The rear of the auto was completely wrecked in the collision, with image showing one wheel even missing! The West Yorkshire Police said that the 20-minute old brand new auto had stopped on the lane due to mechanical failure and was hit from behind by "an innocent motorist", leaving the vehicle in a awful state.

Police tweeted: 'M1 Ossett today - it's only a auto! The driver of the van suffered head injuries due to the collision.

The driver of the expensive Lamborghini has not been immediately identified and it is also not yet figured where the auto was bought from.

Officers who responded to the crash at around 1 pm on Thursday cordoned off part of the motorway while the Lamborghini and the van were moved to another location.

People on social media were sad to see the luxury vehicle in a deplorable condition and said it totally sums up how 2020 is going for all.